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Muba The Laura & Lucely Eyeshadow Palette - Wholesale 6 Units (MUBAEYE)

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Muba The Laura & Lucely Eyeshadow Palette - Wholesale 6 Units

  • 3 pieces of the Matte eyeshadow, 3 Pieces of the Shimmer eyeshadow.
  • These four transition nude matte colors will help you create the perfect crease from the lightest and highest point of your eye to the deep and darkest crease.
  • Did you know why these colors are named after these cities ? Well, Andres Felipe's career as a makeup artist started in Bayamon, Puerto Rico then moving to New York city to study more about this art, after accepting a job with Telemundo he moved to Chicago where he learned makeup for camera and at last, Miami where he currently resides.
  • Did you know why this palette is named "Laura" & "Lucely" ? and why "The beginning" ? Well, Laura is Andres Felipe's only sister and Lucely is his Mother. The beginning is a tribute to all the hard work and dedication that has taking him after 12 yrs of experience till this date.

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