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Kleancolor Retractable Lip Eyeliner - Wholesale 24 Units (MXAP24)

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Kleancolor Retractable Lip Eyeliner - Wholesale 24 Units

  • An automatic eyeliner with a smooth, creamy glide-on texture.
  • The waterproof formula keeps your sexy look throughout the day and night and the mess-free design lets you sharpen on the fly with just a simple twist of the tip.

0.007 oz

(UPC) Use this code for more information:

836558006108 #AP101 BLACK 3UNITS
836558006122 #AP104 DARK BROWN 3UNITS
836558006139 #AP105 ELECTRIC BLUE 2UNITS
836558006146 #AP108 MEDIUM BROWN 2UNITS
836558006153 #AP112 WHITE 2UNITS
836558006160 #AP114 BLACK CHERRY 2UNITS
836558006177 #AP116 BURGUNDY 1UNIT
836558006191 #AP121 DEEP RED 1UNIT
836558006207 #AP122 FUSCHIA 1UNIT
836558006214 #AP124 HOT RED 1UNIT
836558006238 #AP125 MAHOGANY 1UNIT
836558006245 #AP126 NATURAL 1UNIT
836558006252 #AP128 LIGHT BROWN 1UNIT
836558006269 #AP131 CABARET 1UNIT
836558006276 #AP132 AUBURN 1UNIT

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